Florida Climate Week™ Schedule of Events

In-Person Events

Florida Climate Week™ features a series of in-person action events aimed at raising awareness and addressing climate-related challenges in the state of Florida. These events bring together stakeholders, experts, and the community to collaborate on sustainable solutions and advocate for climate resilience.


 Check to see if there is a FCW event near you.

Virtual Events

Florida Climate Week’s virtual sessions and presentations offer an online platform for informative discussions and presentations centered around climate issues specific to Florida. Experts and participants engage in these digital events to share insights, strategies, and innovations for tackling climate change and promoting environmental stewardship in the region.


Watch Archived Florida Climate Week™ Sessions

Archived sessions from Florida Climate Week™ 2021 and 2022 are available at the link below. We invite you to use these session recordings as a tool to connect you with climate solutions across the state.

Please consider sharing your favorite session on social media and tagging @volofoundation.