Climate Correction™ Conference
Event Date: March 17-18, 2022
Registration Coming Soon

Our Virtual Keynote

Join us for the Fourth Annual Climate Correction™ Conference, dedicated to sharing and collaborating on climate change solutions. Our mission is to educate the public with data about climate change and to empower individuals to make strides toward a renewable and more sustainable future.

This conference will take place March 17-18, 2022.

Florida Climate Week

All FCW events will be virtual and FREE to access. Find sessions based on your interests in the Florida Climate Week interactive platform. Ask questions, network with other attendees, and so much more. 

The Vista Award

VISTA Award is VoLo’s award recognition for graduate students who display exemplary leadership in parallel with the five VISTA principles for climate solutions within the State of Florida. The winning individual or team will receive a $10,000 gift, made out to the University or College with whom they are affiliated to further develop the project.