Florida Climate Week™

October 7-13, 2024

Educate - Engage - Act

Welcome to Florida Climate Week™ (FCW)!

FCW is a week-long virtual event series dedicated to taking action on climate and addressing its impacts and solutions in Florida. Our mission is to bring together a diverse group of leaders, experts, and advocates to raise awareness, share knowledge, and drive action toward a more sustainable future for Florida.

Thank you to all the speakers, organizations, in-person event hosts, as well as the cities, counties, and municipalities that issued proclamations in support of this important initiative. Our website has served as a hub for information, collaboration, and a platform for connecting like-minded individuals and organizations dedicated to making Florida a more sustainable and resilient place. 

As we continue our mission to address the challenges of climate change and create a more sustainable future for Florida, we invite you to stay connected with us through our website and social media channels. 


Virtual Events

Watch the free virtual session recordings, including keynote speeches and panel discussions, all aimed at addressing the challenges and opportunities of climate change in Florida. Our lineup of speakers and panelists includes scientists, policymakers, business leaders, and community advocates, each bringing their unique perspectives and experiences to the conversation.

Sign The People's Proclamation

We need your help to make a significant impact. Please show your support by signing the People’s Proclamation, which will be sent to lawmakers and elected officials to encourage them to declare Florida Climate Week™ an official event in their town/region. 

Together we can educate, engage, and act to keep Florida healthy and beautiful. 

Florida Climate Week™

All FCW events are FREE to access. Watch archived sessions based on your interests on the Florida Climate Week™ playlists on YouTube.